Need some news, LEGO Education...

Okay, LEGO Education... it's been over a month since we've heard anything from you. Anything new on the horizon?


Anonymous said…
Be carful saying that. Last time you did they rased teh prices :-)
Yeah, I forgot about that.

Maybe this time they'll lower the prices :)
Tony Naggs said…
Carnegie Mellon put out a press release yesterday about the LEGO Education/Carnegie Mellon curriculum for middle & high-schools.
Anonymous said…
The Education blog has been updated. No prices have changed (*whew*). It is basically long (for a blog) article (schmoozing) about the joint venture with Tufts, and Carnegie Mellon. Nothing substantial and barley worth noting. It did however mention that they where working on a C-like language. I don't know how long that news has been in circulation, but it was the first I heard of it. rejoice!
Anonymous said…
The press release was a day or 2 old. I think they might be mad at Jim.


Well, I hope not... I get as busy as the next person, so I know how things go... I know that some people at LEGO Ed read the blog, so I figured I'd just give 'em a nudge or 2 and see if they had anything of interest to release.


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