New HiTechnic Compass

HiTechnic obviously knew about the announcement, because they kindly rushed me one of their new production compass sensors! Nice surprise! I'm playing with it now and will post more details about it tomorrow (hopefully), but here is a picture of my DogChaser robot with the compass attached. You'll notice that the compass is parallel to the ground - it needs to be horizontal to work properly. It was easy enough to simply connect it with one connector so I could pivot it - the rest of the bot is at an angle and that just won't work :) The compass is housed in a real LEGO housing - that's it to the right of the red ball.


David Levy said…
It also look very close to the servo. Any interference from the motor?

Yes. It took some playing around, but I've finally got it working by mounting it above the Brick... I'm hoping to publish some info/results later this evening.


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