New MDP Profile: Bryan Bonahoom

As "maniac000" mentioned in a comment, there's yet another MDP profile up on the LEGO website, for Bryan Bonahoom, yet another MDP member from Indiana. Check out some of his creations, which have a lot of FLL applications. Additionally, he just recently took away several honors in a bi-annual robot games here in Indiana called NEIRG, including a NXT-based line follower and a NXT-based sumo. Nice job, Bryan!

Bryan's MDP profile

And yes, he's very good competition for both Steve and myself, as well as a lot of other LEGO builders in the area. In fact, I really have to get my rump in gear and learn some faster languages, to push my line following skills more to the limit like he and Steve have been doing.

Brian Davis


Anonymous said…
hey jim,
am writing frm india. want to get mindstorm nxt and i have a small doubt. i own the new macbook which has the intel dual core. want to knw if the software will be supported; lego requirements only talk abt power pc. any idea on this?
rgds, bhaskar
Tony Naggs said…

The NXT-G software is currently for the PowerPC - so will run in the Rosetta emulator on your Intel Mac. Except: the Bluetooth functionality will not work from the NXT-G software.

A Universal Binary version of the NXT-G software is promised later this year.

I guess this will be a free a update for Mac users, but do not know for sure.

- Tony
Anonymous said…
Not to sidetrack the discussion... Oh heck, I'm sidetracking the discussion.
Personally, I would like to say
"Great job Bryan!"
I love all the content, the humor, the pictures (ahh, the pictures), and in general, everything about Bryan's profile.
Okay, you can talk about Mac's now.
Anonymous said…
maniac000 & Brian D - thanks...with all the effort we put in, I sometimes forget this is a *hobby*...I try to keep my sense of humor all the time.

I am thrilled someone noticed I showed up on the site.
Anonymous said…

I just went by and it seems like that lego are finally shipping NXT to the rest of the world :)

Anonymous said…
And thank you, for your contribution to the Mindstorms comunity.

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