NXT challenge on NXTasy.org: throw it!


Check out the new NXT challenge on NXTasy.org: create a robot that throws the blue ball as far as possible (without using rubber bands, mind!), and win some nice gadgets.

Note that the deadline is rather far away (1st of December) to allow also people to attend who can purchase their NXT in late Autumn yet.


Anonymous said…
Are Lego pneumatic parts allowed?
Anonymous said…
Drew Stevenson said…
I believe the rules (from Memory) say that only NXT kit parts can be used. I dont remember if they said multiple nxt's or not.
and since there are NOT elastics or springs in NXT they have banned those. Basicly if they did not it would be a contest to see who can make the sturdiest crossbow frame. Those can get intense with thousands of elastics. (I've seen attepts that BROKE the actual lego)
Anonymous said…
As the one inventing the rules - any LEGO parts except pneumatics are allowed. Not only from the NXT set. There're details in the forum on www.nxtasy.org

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