NXT Radar theory

Jeff has posted another great technical article, with programming block code, over here.

Click on the "A Radar Style Display for the NXT" link.


Anonymous said…
Wow! Just looking at that program is likely to make many of us mere mortal NXT programmers feel, well, a little inadequate.

Now, how do we commutate the US sensor wiring so that we can spin it 360 degrees continuously?
Brian Davis said…
Nifty! I'll have to take a closer look at what he did here, especially in the trig functions. I've got a nice rover with such a radar-like program on it (Bob, that's how you turn the US sensor 360° - turn the whole robot), and it's fun to see what it "thinks" it sees - gives you a good feeling for the limitations of US wall detection.

As to further uses, I've *almost* got a program that will "close the triangle" - you direct how long it drives the first two legs and the angle between them, and JennToo figures out how far to turn and drive to complete the third leg. It needs just slightly more trig than the radar program (atan).

Brian "back from vacation, backlogged in email" Davis

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