OFFICIAL ANSWER on legacy sensors and RETAIL kit

The official answer from LEGO is this:

"There will be a download available later this year with the programming blocks you need to use legacy sensors and motors. There will also be a service item available online with the hybrid wires you need when connecting a legacy sensor/motor to the NXT."

Come on, now... admit it - did anyone actually think that LEGO would hold this from us? I think not...

Thank you, LEGO, for the official answer AND for making it a good one!



Anonymous said…
lol, especially thanks for the second part! (the part about making the answer a good one) : )

I also like that we'll have wire controls (both input and output I'm guessing) for the legacy sensors...

Tony Naggs said…
Oh, I read the "hybrid wires" as an alternative translation from Danish of "converter cables".

BTW I may be quieter for a while, as I have just been lumbered with a stack of writing to do for a non-NXT book before the end of the month. :-/

Yeah, you're probably right about the hybrid wire thing... I just read it wrong.


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