Pictures of a SWARM bot

Found some images posted on flickr of a SWARM bot... you can view them here.

If anyone has any additional info on them, please comment... thanks.



Anonymous said…
What's a SWARM bot? Is SWARM an acronym? Or does it refer to a swarm of robots working together?

Brian Davis said…
With all those tires, and it seems none on casters, steering is going to be... difficult. I would think. For accurate odometry you'd want to make sure that the driven tires don't slip (so in a fixed geomoetry, others should).

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
Regarding the question concerning what a SWARM is .. Read more about it on this url:
Mark Roxberry said…
Hey guys, this is my project - it will be open source on CodePlex. I'm in the design / planning phase with a few developers using Microsoft Robotics Studio and a lot of the new stuff coming from Redmond like Windows Communication Foundation, SQL Server 2005. It's a phase 1 thing - I want to build a framework for any kind of bot to act as an I/O device in a distributed network of bots. Still very generic at this point.

Regarding the pix - this is the base - an to Brian's comment, I'm working on a caster, but for now this thing can move fast on just about any terrain right now - though the turning radius is wide (about 2' on a flat surface shorter on surfaces with friction, though not difficult).

As time allows (We still need our day jobs ;) we'll keep posting stuff - at least I will.

Swarm is not an acronym, but a design goal for a later phase.

Mark Roxberry
Anonymous said…
Stick some sensors on that thing and it might make a good sume. The turning radias is a problem, but as you said, youre working on it.

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