Reasons to buy the Lego Mindstorms Education NXT kit

Some highlights from the LME NXT kit.

1. A choice of wheel sizes; 4 big ones, 4 smaller thin ones and 2 small wide ones.

2. Three lamps, that connect through the converter cables to the motor ports. (The sensor ports do not supply enough current.)

3. The rechargeable battery, I promised a while back a photo with the charger connected. (Though I had to cut out the several feet, >=1m, of wire.)

4. And of course the minifig, with choice of baseball cap or ponytail, something else I promised a picture of.

5. The LME NXT software includes blocks for the old RCX/Technic motors, the Technic lamps and the old RCX sensors (touch, rotation, light & temperature). As shown below. Hopefully these blocks will be available as a downloadable add-on for the shop bought kits when the conversion cables go on sale.

- Regards, Tony

Important note: Lego Education kits are distributed according to territories. I guess this is to do with providing support to the schools and colleges who make such purchases. You should order from a company that distributes to your delivery address. You can local distributors from this page:


Drew Stevenson said…
I was very *annoyed* today to get an email which was so vague and short that I almost disregarded it as susspicous / virusbait.
It told me that Pitsco (I guess they are lego education) could not mail to Canada even though their order form accepts Canadian adresses. Now I need to find a new supplyer and wait even longer!!
Anonymous said…
My 8 year old son and I have gone through half of the Robocenter projects on the retail kit. I find the pieces and he builds the robots and programs via the step by step tutorials.
The overall experience has been wonderful!

I also have a LME kit purchased for my son's school. I've only gone through the half hour tribot with this one. It would have been nice for the half hour tribot great to all be i one bag like the retail kits was. Add a extra 20 minutes on the LME to open all the bags and organize in their tackle boxes.
My first is impression is that the retail kit is much better for personal use given the robocenter challanges ( I'm sure that is what lego has intended).

My recommendation would be to stay with the retail kit for personal use and buy the recharger separately.

-david levy
Tony Naggs said…
Drew - thanks I have added a warning to my posting.

Ttfn, Tony

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