Received the following message from Dave... thought it warranted a post:

I found that both NXT-G-retail and NXT-G-LME can be installed on the same machine. However, on XP they share the same default profile so you may want to create a custom profile on each installation.


1) from edit menu: manage profiles create...

2) select the new profile from the User profile dropdown.

3) close the app so it comes up next time by default

NXT-G-LME rinse and repeat

---- Problems that may arise

NXT-G-LME has some programmable icons that may not be supported in NXT-G-RETAIL so it's best not to save a program in NXT-G-LME and try to open it in NXT-G-retail... or so I've heard from LME Customer support.If anyone else has feedback on this topic then please comment.


Anonymous said…
too bad about the incompatibility issue. there was similiar discussion this morning over at the forums about myblock interoperability.

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