Results of small survey with DK announcement

Check out the press release from LEGO regarding the developer kit releases... there's mention of a small survey they conducted which might be interesting to those of us who work with kids...

Check it out here.


Anonymous said…
Hi, dmr here with a wish Lego would conduct a small survey with AUL or whatever us greying boomers are called.
After reading the Hardware Dev. Kit, it seems what we need is an open-source (software and prints - parts/finished goods available for sale)product to take the available RS-485 and I2C busses and turn them into easy-for-user MUX's - a box with a set of non-lego connectors (hey, which mini- or micro-socket has a nut the same diameter as a brick stud?) to add both complex and simple devices, like a ring-style bumper switch that indicates where the bump occurred, start/stop commands for *simple* Lego and non-Lego motors, etc.

I must admit the construction of either interface and the required coding is beyond me - the construction of the various probes and hookups to power and motor isn't. (just as I can "build" from someone's pieces, repair and modify a standard 80X86 computer, but cannot design the computer...)
--probably a LOT of folks like us waiting....

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