An RIF download...

Guy over at posted an email from Poe, the as-yet-unidentified person responsible for this website. There's also a PDF that can be downloaded.

Ah, the mystery continues... (unless I'm mistaken, there are 3 hidden items on that website, correct?)

By the way, I figured out the last puzzle. On a 1-to-10 scale of complexity, I would rank that one a 4 or 5... tricky, but definitely solveable if you just spend some alone time with it - good luck with it!

Have a great weekend, everybody!



Anonymous said…
"there are 3 hidden items on that website, correct?"

Yes. And one in the PDF.
Anonymous said…
There is a new thing on the rif website in the bottom corner on the right side of the screen.


Kyoto, Japan
Anonymous said…
Beat me to it, kahanari.
Anonymous said…
I figured it out. The period is important. I don't want to say anything more because RIF has asked in other puzzles for us not to share the solution. But the correct info that is not secret if you move yoru mouse over it is this:


Brett R.
Anonymous said…
So, did anyone actually get to the "available" mission 1?
Anonymous said…
What happened to the file?

I went to nxtasy and I can't find it. What am I doing worng?
Anonymous said…
I didn't even knowabout this file. I looked and can't find it either. has archives, but it isn't there. They problaby took it down. Thanks

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