Runtime environment for NXT

Received an email from Matt@transterpreter... would like to pass it along:

I don't know if your readers would be interested in this kind of thing, but the Transterpreter group will be porting our virtual machine for concurrent programming languages to the NXT over the next few months. (Hopefully, things will go quickly... I'd prefer if it took weeks...) We maintain a weblog at where we'll be writing about the process as we go along.

The Transterpreter itself is just a runtime environment; however, it provides support for a family of concurrent programming languages that take for granted that you will want to do lots of things at the same time, and communicate between those concurrently executing processes. This means that writing programs that appear to do many things simultaneously is natural, safe, and straight-forward.

If people are interested, I'd start with some of our thoughts regarding the role of robotics in education:

And, if people are really keen, we do have a complete simulation environment available for larger robots:


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