Some video coverage of "Big Robot on Campus"

View the 10-minute video here.

Photo's can be viewed here.


Jim, you beat me to it. I found this video this morning. I wanted to post the information here, but work had me working for them first.

Anyway, I believe that more (Official LEGO) video and photos will turn-up soon. Maybe after the BROC tour is completed.

Anyway, I wrote a little report on this visit myself and posted it on . I think the folder is not public yet but Here is a direct link.

And Matthias beat me this morning to a post about the developer kits... that's the great part about having a lot of contributors...

It's all good (& fun stuff here)!

Drew Stevenson said…
I think theirs news on the BT page as well. I think I was first on BNXT.
YEAH Community!
Lots of new News.
Drew Stevenson said…
I am assuming that the color Mindstorms and Lego Logos on the NXT screen is a clear sticker and not a color NXT version... Hmmm but maybe. (You'd need that USB memory key you discussed to hanld the color).

Ewww They called the basic modles "Hero Models" Cool.

"Well Beyond where we intend" Well advanced users the guantlet has been tossed and like they say in their education video - You can go basic or advanced or as very advanced, as much as you can do and as much as you enjoy. And we all have our own specialty interests (communication, rovers, machines, walkers etc).

"A tremendous amount of thought power" Wow too bad NXT can be convereted to run on thought power - an endless supply.

Any ideas how long the MS robotics is going to be free and when it will become a "Product". ($$$$)

That robot with all the wheels that goes any direction (forget the name of that type of steering) It looks alot easier than the RIS versions. Oh I found those RIS ones intimidating. But this looks easy (do you think the programing demanded the big wheels woudl rotate to the increments where the wheels would be centered on the ground or do you think they just let it rol to any old angle?
Drew, "Omni" was the name of Steve Hassenplug's (whole'lotta'little wheel onmidirectional robot platform)....An NXT version of the Killough Platform. ...With way more wheels. Steve used an NXT controller with 3 motors that controlled the speed motors on Onmi. BT to BT. The speed of a motor determined which direction the bot went. So, the slowest motor(s) made the bot turn...."any old angle".


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