Summary of RIF puzzles...

A comment today from a reader asked for a summary of all the RIF puzzles found so far. I'll post them here, along with solutions (in white text so you'll have to highlight the answers to read them). Please keep in mind that these are the puzzles that I'm aware of - there might be more. If I've missed one, please let me know. (By the way, I emailed Poe and asked if I could post these solutions - the only one I'm not allowed to provide right now is the last puzzle I discuss below.)

The first puzzle found is in the upper-right corner of the large grey rectangle. Move the mouse over the area until you trigger it. The puzzles is:


If you use a ROT13 encoder/decoder ( to convert the code, it changes to (drag your mouse to select the text below to see it:


So apparently some new info will be released tomorrow (August 25, 2006)

The next puzzle found wasn't a puzzle, but was a hidden link. Highlight the line below for its location.

Move the mouse around inside the letter P in the word September until the point changes to a hand. That's the hidden link.

The next puzzle was a little more difficult to solve. This one is a little trickier to find and solve. Highlight the line below for directions to find it:

The puzzle is located on the right side of the large grey rectangle. You have to move the mouse around carefully, but when you hit the trigger you'll see two columns of text pop up and the words "Yes and No" and "On and Off".

Highlight the line below for the instructions on solving the puzzle:

I'm not going to paste the long column of text here, but to solve it simply start with the first letter, F (in FAIL) and then skip every other letter: So FAIL ROSE would be FIRS (skip the A, L, O, and E.) Keep doing this as you read down the column of words. The message spells instructions to email the RIF. If you sent an email before August 20 to the RIF you received
an email from Poe with a special message and a reward that has yet to be announced... (I'm very curious... has anyone who solved it heard what the reward is?)

The next puzzle I encountered (not sure if this one came before the next one) was a hidden message embedded in the PDF file that Poe sent to Highlight the line below for instructions on finding the message:

In the first "story" on the PDF (about the missing scientist) there are letters in the story that are bolded. They are fairly easy to find and this one wasn't that hard to solve. Read the bold letters in order for a website to visit.

The next puzzle (which may have appeared before the PDF one above, not sure) was a word jumble found in the lower-right corner of the large grey rectangle. It's been unjumbled now, but if you figured it out, it spelled out sudoku.html. If you go to it took you to the next puzzle.

The last puzzle I'm aware of is the actual Sudoku puzzle. I was not given permission to provide the solution for it, but basically just solve the sudoku puzzle. They kindly gave a link to a wiki article that gives the rules if you are unfamiliar with it... and if you're not good at it, find somebody (it's worth it!)

That's it... if I've missed one, please add a comment.


Anonymous said…
You missed one!

Agent #13 posted a comment yesterday that had a clue. Read it carefully.

Anonymous said…
Yes, Len's right. There's a clue in this comment:

Yes, we have puzzles. But does lightning ever strike the same place twice?

Agent 13

It's not too tough.
Okay, I understand now.

I didn't get permission to share the answer for this one, but it's not hard to find...

Anonymous said…
If you get tired
Anonymous said…
Duh...the linked to wikipedia article links to a solver....

funny that I haven't ever encountered this puzzle before
I imagine they meant for the sudoku to be solved without a solver... takes the fun away to use it, but some people just don't like sudoku, I guess...

I'd say that one wasn't easy... somewhere between easy and tricky, but definitely not hard.

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
PD: for the sudoku puzzle, you do not need to fill it all, just analyse possible values for some of the 3*3 squares and you will get the answer, it is not hard.

Anonymous said…
When you guys talk about the lightning twice thing, are you talking about when the window turns red and into a link?
Anonymous said…
You miss one!
When you drag your miuse to the first puzzle ,
may be 2 or 3 second , there's a light on the house and later , the window on the house will turn red , then you click on it , but it just wrote :
"It will be post on August 30
I'm not sure if it was a clue , but it might can help you .

Anonymous said…
Andy, that's what Len and I were talking about in the first two comments.
Drew Stevenson said…
Having not acted on the "limited time" offer puzzle when I solved the email one in a laid back fashion... I now want to warn people about some need not be classified material:

The solution to the suduko (my 2nd one ever!) led to a page whose secrets are going to get enven better by Sept 15... SO please dont wait (like I did)....

Wishing I'd emailed -
Anonymous said…
So tell me Drew, how would you know the "secrets are going to get even better"? A little tell there? A clue to the mysterious Mr Poe?

Can you tell me how many possible Sudoku puzzles have 28 digits defined. Is the analysis algebraic or combinatoric? Or both? Permutation groups?
Anonymous said…
Yes, I caught that as well. Maybe Mr. Drew has a secret identity? It doesn't matter. I wouldn't want to know. This is fun and I hope we adults don't ruin it for the youngsters.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
When I typed the solution.html, It said that google couldn't find the site. did this expire?
Tony Naggs said…
You have to tell the web browser which site to look for the page on.

So solution.html will look on your local machine {PC, Mac, mobile phone, etc ...}

Instead try


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