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The Sept 4 issue of Forbes magazine has an interview with Soren Lund on the NXT. In the same issue, writer Stephen Manes talks about his experiences with the NXT... overall, I'd say his review is a positive one, but he does have a few complaints, namely with the programming language... he makes a hopeful statement that "somebody will come up with a book that straighforwardly steps you through the ins and outs of programming."

Well, I hope I can maybe deliver on a small portion of that. I'm just now putting the finishing touches on the final chapter of my book. 21 chapters, 5 appendices (possibly more), and 5 new bots (and 1 bonus bot in an appendix) complete with building instructions and programming... the book is geared towards the younger reader, but I hope all ages might get something out of it.

In no way do I go into extreme programming theory, but I do touch on various methods that answer the "why or why not" questions for when to use certain blocks over others... including some good coverage of the LOOP and SWITCH blocks.

Unfortunately, the book is a good 3-4 months away from hitting the bookshelves. I'll try and post an update as soon as possible once I know a little more details, but for now I've just been busy getting this thing done and ready... but it's close and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.



Anonymous said…
is a good site on programming for the NXT with NXT-G.
Anonymous said…
I was very disappointed with NXT-G on my first attempt to customize the alpha rex program. My loop and switch blocks were getting big and they would not fit on one screen. When dragging some things in between two blocks, things would get disconnected that I didn't want to be disconnected. When using data lines, they would not connect properly sometimes and deleting them took a little practice. When I tried to download a program, I got "Insane object ...", which I believe may have been a leftover data line.

I'm an embedded programmer, so this graphic stuff left a bad taste in my mouth pretty quickly. I tried John Hansen's NBC and was glad to be back in text programming land.

Thanks to John for creating this language early on in the game so I wouldn't get too frustrated with graphic programming :).

Hopefully, there will be some good books on languages like NBC or NQC for NXT out before too long. I'm not sure I want to try the commercial RobotC, since I'm a fan of public domain.

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