You have to love a bot that's all about destruction...

A nice little video of a bot doing some damage here. Can anyone translate or give us a rough description of what is being said? Thanks.



Anonymous said…
They need a tripod:-)
Anonymous said…
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Sergiusz Bazanski posted a comment:

Ok, here's what the kid says (I'm polish, so I understand it ;) )

"This robot is for destruction. Eee... It's name is 'Taran' (Ram), and it is just about to destroy the pyramid.
I'll present you the kingdom (pointing at the lego figures on the pyramid). This is the king, these are the royal messagers, and these are ordinairy guards (I think).
Let's go! (turns on the robot). I want everyone to clear the way ("clear the way" is heard in the background).
(After the destruction)
So, the king is no more, so are (unfinished).
Holy ... (another kid)
Thank you! (the first kid)"

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