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Podcast interview with Soren

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How is the new NXT-G Robotic Curriculum?

NXT programming environments - state of the art

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Should People "Own" Their NXT Creations?

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Official announcement on HiTechnic and LEGO partnership

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RC Bot video...

LEGO Ed posts links to Building Instructions

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Great Article on Kids and Programming

JohnNXT5 parts list online

New Yorker Mag Robot Cartoon

FLL Teams Please Sound Off!

2006 FLL Challenge Announced!

The step before the NXT step

RIF Update

Out of Town


NXT Truck - no plans?

Forest Edge Elementary Fall Robotics Club

Dave's Book

SAZLR (with nods and smiles to Brian Davis)

New article from Sivan

LEGO CAD: Get Started!

September 11, 2001

Dicke Bertha Typ II: building instructions

NXT cables appearing on Lego Shop at Home

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How is everybody doing?

Closeups of the LEGO sponsored PicoCricket Kit

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Big Robot on Campus details

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DAZLR instructions on-line

The NXT STEP - Lego Mindstorms NXT Blog

Big Bertha Did It Again

The NXT STEP - Lego Mindstorms NXT Blog

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New videos and Interesting bot assembly method...

August 2006 visitor statistics

NXT color sorting at BrickFest

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