August 2006 visitor statistics

Well, we had over 22,000 hits on The NXT STEP, with more than 37,000 page views. Unique visitors total over 8,000 with over 80 countries represented!

Thank you ALL for visiting and for your comments!


David Levy said…
Very impressive!

I just received my first issue of Robot Magazine and was pleased to see the NXT coverage as well as Jim K's article.
Anonymous said…
I have a problem. I am trying to make a myblock that reads an array. I made it, but when I try to put it into a program, the program thinks for a bit and then crashes. Has this happened to other people?
Brian Davis said…
Not to me - is there someplace you could display your code, including the MyBlock? You also might try describing the problem in detail the NXTasy forum boards.

Brian Davis

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