Big Bertha Did It Again

Remember Big Bertha, the Blue Ball Gun?

Well, I've tampered with it these last days, and created a Dicke Bertha Typ II that now features a (detachable) magazine for four balls and a target-seeking rotating ultrasonic sensor.

Sad to say, the firing range hasn't improved noteworthy, so I certainly will not win the Throw It! challenge on with it...

Nevertheless, have a look!

/Matthias Paul


(In my best Vader-voice)



Great job, Matthias... building plans yet?

Unknown said…

> (In my best Vader-voice) Impressive.

Well, I'd say "Don't be too proud of this technological terror [I]'ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet [with Big Bertha] is insignificant next to the power of the [LEGO] Force."

> [..] ... building plans yet?

For truth to tell, a lot.
There's the call for a particular sort of robots on Bricking Bavaria (Munich, 8/9th of December 2006).

And maybe I'm going to assemble something new for a LEGO event in Zurich.

Still, there is the old zambor balls Gatling Gun plan (once an arms dealer, always an arms dealer)...

matthias paul
I bow to your Star Wars quoting ability...

LEGO arms dealer... interesting career choice...

Unknown said…

> LEGO arms dealer... interesting career choice...

But don't you say "I can do it! I am not afraid!"

You will be.
You will be.
Anonymous said…
You will be when all the NXT-bots blue-tooth together and become the *swarm*.

Prepare for the droid wars!
Brian Davis said…
Heehee... maybe that's why you can only BT four of them together... to try to prevent them from organizing into an unstoppable force...

As to arms dealers and LEGO deriviative, I have put building instructions (of a sort) for DAZLR into my Brickshelf gallery, and one of the guys on NXTasy is trying to format my pictures in with some text I written. Let's just say I combine a few more steps together than the LEGO standard for instructions... DAZLR in just 38 steps. See:

(some 244 of you already have)

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
Obi-Wan has tought you well:-)

Very nice job, I like the fact that the magazine is detachable. I might sudjest sticking the Ultrasonic sensor on the gun itself. That way, when it detects a target, the gun is already in position (but for vertical adjustment). The only problem I can see would be the use of batterys. I think that you could probably get it back on one NXT if you tried, you might have to use custom cables though.
Unknown said…

> I might suggest sticking the Ultrasonic sensor on the gun itself.

With that, the aiming would be easier indeed.
However, it would require rotating the whole large gun while searching for targets.
Which wouldn't not be very elegant, would it?
Unknown said…
> Which wouldn't not be very elegant, would it?

Aargh! One not to much...
Unknown said…
Grmbl! too, of course!!!

(shouldn't write comments that late!)
Anonymous said…
Just thinking of ways to keep it on one NXT. Let's see, if you posted your comment at 6:58 PM in my timezone (Jims as well), than in Germany it would have Yeah, go to sleep Matthias:-)

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