Check it out here.

This is going to be a GREAT tool for collaboration and sharing...



Anonymous said…
another "You ask and you shall recive" comment
I just asked not just a week ago about a easy way to share projects other than brickshelf.
This is going to be a good place.
any idea when it opens?
No idea yet... but I'm anxious to try it.

Unknown said…
Hm ... some of the robots flashing up in the teaser do look somewhat familiar to me ...

Matthias Paul (sincerely surprised)
Anonymous said…
To me too ;o)
Same here :)

All part of being in the MDP, I guess... but I thought it was well done.

cmsnxt said…
I got a question , How did you get to that . I went on the Lego mindstorms website and couldn't find any thing saying nxt log . Is it just for MDP's or for registered Mindstorms users . I Even went on my Mindstorms software and went to my portal not even there do you get a sneek preview of whats going to be put on site ?
Yes, I got a sneak peek.

Many of the bots you see in the animation were created by MDP/MCP members... the MCP is still moving forward, too.

Anonymous said…
This is OT, but check out the RIF site, they've released the stuff!

Anonymous said…
I'd like to know if the RIF mission files show a brand new robot design, or if they are using the standard tribot. I might pay $6 to see building instructions for a new useful design, but definately not just to see the tribot. If anyone pays the $6, can they say if it was worth it? Don't need to reveal the details.
Anonymous said…
I downloaded a few minutes ago. Not bad. Not bad at all.

There are a bunch of documents in the zip file. 4 pdfs, 1 word, and 1 txt.

1 pdf - build steps, full color, unique robot, I don't want to give away the surprise, obviously some time put into this document, about 100 pages

2 pdf - program steps, full color, some of it doesn't make sense but I'm not an expert (yet) at this program language, good comments, each step has one page color showing the block and the little area in lower left of screen where you tweak the settings, about 50 pages

3 pdf - the story, objectives, some pictures/images for flavor and realism, definitely some thought put into this doc, about 15 pages (plus a cool photo at the end of the location for this mission)

4 word document, form to fill out

5 text version of the form

6 readme file

My only complaint is it took me a few seconds to figure out how to get the download after paying. Check your email, they send you a code. Big zip file (7.5mb) so I think a warning should be given to those with dialup maybe.

For 6 dollars, I'm not disappointed. Looking through this has given me a little incentive to start building more. My son and I are going to have some fun this weekend doing this "mission".

I'll probably buy the next one just to encourage whoever these people are to keep doing them.

Dan J.
Anonymous said…
I saw one of your bots from your book, The Mayan Adventure in the Teaser. Grabberbot.

I just posted my version of StringBot to NXTLog, look for it soon. I called it BonzoBot.


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