DAZLR instructions on-line

The folks over at NXTasy have been kind enough (and hard-working enough!) to get a copy of the instructions for DAZLR on-line. While credit for the design may be mine, all credit for getting these instructions formatted and published on-line really goes to the folks over at NXTasy, especially Guy Ziv who got me to assemble and comment on the images (he's the one responsible for the nice formatting; I'm the one responsible for any mistakes or problems). A word of warning - I like instructions that combine steps... treat it like a puzzle ;-).

Brian Davis


Anonymous said…
My FLL team is putting together the DAZLR to learn some new building techniques. They are loving it. We don't have enough of the special pieces you required, but they have gotten through the base and the shooting pistons. They have yet to tackle the loading tray. This is a very nice example for the kids to work with. Thanks for publishing it.

I was hoping for a spate of NXT books to be published before the FLL challenge started, but I guess I was optimistic. On the other hand, directions like this one, and the blogs, wikis, videos, and Flickr photos is nearly as good. THANKS.
kleerkoat said…
Hello Brian,

Curious if it is possible to get more info on the programming?

I have been dissecting the image on website but it seems to be missing some of the end of the program.


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