FLL Teams Please Sound Off!

Is there anyone on an FLL Team that would like to sound off?

I'll start. Coach: Levy, Team: TatorBots , Reston VA USA!!


Anonymous said…

Coach: Vickey (my mom). Team: Built On The Rock. Place: Mt. Olive, NJ

This is our second year. We got third last year, and now we're going for first. :)

David Levy said…
Mt. Olive? I had had college roomate (many moons ago) that was from Hackettstown. I think that's close to you.

good luck
Anonymous said…
Wow, I live right next to Hackettstown in Independence! Mt. Olive is where the NJ state tournament is held.

Anonymous said…
Our team name is Wisdom Quest, Hampstead, NH
This is our first year as a team. I was involved on a team last year with our son. He's also the only kid with experience. The ages are 9-12, mostly 10 year olds. It should be fun.
Anonymous said…
Micah with MAYHEM, hailing from Milford NH.
Andy said…
Hey folks!
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Robolab29 said…
I come from the south. SC that is. We took third three years ago, first after that and last year we got third again. We're going for first again.

maniac000 - do you mean the legendary (in our team)MAYHEM?
Anonymous said…
Repeat after me everyone:

FLL is about more than tournament placings
FLL is about... :-)

Seriously, this is my 5th year as a coach and I've had award winning teams and well, ones that didn't win anything and I can tell you the end result was the same: we had a blast and ended up learning a lot. FLL is great that way.

This year's challenge is another dandy one. Hats off again to Scott Evans, FLL mastermind. Each year there's always one doozy of a mission (last year it was the flags) and this year's "decider" appears to be the Inividual Atom Manipulation. I'm looking foward to seeing all of the creative solutions to this one. I'm also glad to see the shared mission is cooperative instead of competitive. Last year my team spent a ton of time just trying to figure out how to get to the dolphin faster than the other team. It will be nice to focus that time on more productive pursuits this year.

Good luck to everyone!
Anonymous said…
Coach: My mum, and FLT LT from ATC
Place: Northumberland, England
Name:? Yet to decide! We think its going to be "The Next Generation" - Air cadet slogan, nanotechnology, and NXT.
Anonymous said…
Team 123 from Fairbanks, Alaska.
Anonymous said…
Coach: myself, assisted by two other parents
Team: ZAP!
Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This is our second year - we had a blast last year so we're back for more. We're a homeschool team and this year the team is four boys, ages 9, 10, 12 and 12, all returning team-members. We're also mentoring two new teams.
Anonymous said…

They've done well if that is what you mean. But tournement placings are not what FLL is about.
FLL is about...:-)
GeekyTom said…
First year coach Tom Williamson, read all about us at www.bricksforbrains.geekytom.com

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