April 2007 may seem like a long way off, but it will be here sooner than you think. I've talked to some coaches and teachers and I've heard everything from panic to confusion to excitement, but typically a mixture of all 3.

I think we all recognize that the best part of FLL isn't winning... it's the entire process the teams must go through to get from A to Z. I heard so many teams last year telling me that they really didn't care if they won... many told me they had so much fun that they forgot about the competition.

I'm fortunate that I currently live in Atlanta, GA where the final International competition is held... I can't wait for April 2007. Good luck to ALL the teams and maybe I'll get to meet some of you next April!


Anonymous said…
My school is entering. We are in cornwall and last year was our first time and we came second in the main competition and we won in the powerpoint presentation. Its great fun and good luck 2 all the teams entering.

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