New article from Sivan

Sivan Toledo has posted a new article here. The Joystick Controlled Ultrasonic Explorer is a great example of two-way Bluetooth communication between a PC and the NXT. He's also included a video.


Anonymous said…
I got it AND I'm lost! NOT to knock what was posted by Mr. (professor) Sivan. I'm sure it works if your smart enough.

Sort of joking but serious. My Son-In-Law is a Dr. in Education (really smart guy) but I NEVER tell him that. heheheheheh..

Anyway, I got everything working while babysitting my little new grandbabies (yes I looked often if everything was OK).. After my usuall brain spazes.. I finally got the port I should have used.. then.. GEEE. I did not know what to do after that. Just me?

My first pick was the port with all the 'fancy' stuff after it. Like in Outgoing Dev B... I used it because it 'looked' very important... Very wrong!
I got something like 'ERROR! something stupid I did!.. I typed back I know I'm stupid! What do I do next?

I was thinking.. Outgoing MUST talk to the brick!

Then I find out Incomming was what was wanted! Geeee..
I'm posting NOT to knock Mr. Sivan.. It is wonderful that he post all kinds of stuff for the NXT.. We need more of that!

I THANK HIM VERY MUCH ( Big Huggers!).


That said, I use to write service manuals and I got lost! I got everything connected and then I did not know what to do next... So I re-read all the instructions... I got COM 8 true! I thought that was GOOD!

The School Teacher came out in him after that and he gave me a test! I love it!

But, I'm the guy in the back of the class (THAT WAS PAYING ATTENTION) and I was still lost!

Could a stupid old man about 65 or so get a 'small test program, WITH instructions' to test if I got it right?

Mr. Sivan.. Sorry, I had to.. Sometimes you are to smart and forget us 'dummies!'

Somewhere I saw.. Click on the Bluetooth Icon.. Select Advanced configuration.. There was none! But I'm old and do not see to well these days...

Then I saw , something about a NXT mailbox? What?

There is NO hate here.. Just a old man thinking of my experience. Send hate mail if you want to. I'm to old to care!

Again no hate here and I thank Mr. Sivan for his code. Maybe I'll live long enough to use it!

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