New Design from Matthias

Matthias has posted on his website the plans for a 3D-joint. Check it out here.


JT said…
I'll hold off until I get my NXT in the mail before that challnge
Anonymous said…
Hi and Sry This is nothing to do here but i Realy need help!

My Nxt was working great for 2 month and i Try downloading NXT firmware v 1,03. (meanwhile It was downloading i went to bathroom) When I come back and see my nxt was shut down. I Turnit on and starts like cliking and dont show anithing in screen.
Cant solve this trying to download again Firmware (I Donwload this firmware time ago and work fine) becouse now computer dont recognise -NXT when i connect via USB. PLz Help me!!!
Thx Nicolas Palacios
Brian Davis said…
Have you downloaded and applied the patch from LEGO?

Even if your download worked once, (or several times), it could still be a problem. Apply the patch, press and hold the reset button on the NXT (just to be sure), and try again.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
Thx for your help u save my LIFE!! Finaly my Nxt working again (I Forgot thing about reset button)
Sry for asking no0b question and thx again.
Nicolas Palacios
Unknown said…
By the way, googling for "NXT clicking" would have helped also...

Google is your friend, isn't it (in particular when one's life is on stake).

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