New NXT Creation - check it out!

Jonathan sent me an email about his entry for the official NXT contest. Makes me think of Boba Fett or others with wrist-mounted devices.

Jonathan's comments: Meet my new assistant – the A27 Bionic Glove. Designed to give special capabilities, the Bionic Glove straps comfortably on the lower arm, armed with a sphere gun, extending hand with voice command, radar, and light.
The display has a menu on it with icons, which can be selected using the arrow and enter keys. When the right arrow key is pressed, the next icon is underlined. When the desired icon is underlined, the enter key can be pressed to bring up a submenu.
When the X2 Robotic Hand icon is selected, the display tells the user to input sound. When a sound command is given, the hand extends and grabs at a speed directly related to the volume of the sound command given. When a sound command is given again, the hand opens and retracts. The hand can also be moved left or right using the respective arrow keys. The enter key can be pressed to return to the main menu.
Using the light bulb icon, the I7 InfraLight can be turned on or off. Another feature is the T1 Theater. When this icon (the PC) is selected, a short animation about a snail getting past a mountain is shown.
At night, when visibility is low, the U5 Sonic Eye comes in handy. Selected by the “eye” icon, the Sonic Eye tells you to “watch out!” when you get to close too an object.
Finally, the last icon brings up instructions for the GX “Get Zamors” special game, which you can play using the Sphere Gun.
Whenever the special button (touch sensor) on the control panel is pressed, the Sphere Gun activates, rapidly shooting 12 spheres contained in a magazine. The magazine can easily be opened for quick reloading.

Very cool, Jonathan! Thanks for sending!

View it here.

If YOU have a creation you'd like to share, please email me all the details and I'll get it posted.



Very nice creativity! A great combo and use of the NXT toolset.

Jonathan, could you email me. I would like to ask you a few quetions. jodokast (at) earthlink (dot) net

Thanks, Christopher
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting this Jim!

Sure thing Chris, e-mail sent.

Anonymous said…
NICE!!! Could you email me and tell me how to make the sphere gun or some other kind of gun like that?? I've been trying to make something like that for a while. My Email is
Anonymous said…

Oops, didn't see this. I sent you an e-mail about it.

ardc said…
hi jonathan i want to congratulations about you creation, its look amazing!!

and also I want to ask you something. Im beginner with lego and i want to know if you can help me with NxC routines in order to controlling something usign only the letf-right grey arrows. As example, i want to draw a circle in the display and control its move with the arrows of the NxT. Can you help me please?...My email is

Thanks Raymundo
Anonymous said…
OMG, please post instruction or a video of you making it on youtube, cause that is wicked, i just got one and ive messed about a little with the clock but haven't made anything of my own, so i'd like to build alot of different things before i get creative, plus it ROX.
Anonymous said…
if it helps, my email is and i saw it was on your left hand, would it work on my right or does it have to be assembled mirror image to that one?
Anonymous said…
i saw some more pics and i can say yes, i do have the zamor sphere launcher and so to make this, but i was wondering, did it take more than one mindstorm nxt box, and i have plenty more lego so a few more pieces wont be much of a problem.
Anonymous said…
yo nice invention anyway can u add the lxf file(if u used ldd) plz
Unknown said…
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