NXT cables appearing on Lego Shop at Home

A set of 3 converter cables have appeared, for connecting your NXT brick to RCX sensors, and Technic lamps and motors. Available to order in the UK for £6.99, not yet available to order in the US though.

Set number 8528:

Also a set of NXT cables. Though the details are confused. The picture shows the 7 cables, of three different lengths, from the NXT kit. The description says the set is 6 cables of 19.5" (50cm) length. Available to order in both the US ($9.99) and UK (£6.99).

Set number 8529:

Ttfn, Tony


Anonymous said…
Guys. I ordered some of these cables and they arrived on friday. I live in the U.S.
Tony Naggs said…
Lego Shop at Home have updated the description of the NXT cable set.

It now describes 7 cables in the same mix of lengths as the NXT kit: 1 x 20cm (8"), 4 x 35cm (14") and 2 x 50cm (20").

- Tony

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