The NXT STEP - Lego Mindstorms NXT Blog

The NXT STEP - Lego Mindstorms NXT Blog

New Yorker Magazine Caption Contest has a Robot Cartoon.
Let's see if a NXT Step blogger can make the final three:
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David Levy said…
Here's my entry:

Is it me, Jenkins? Or, is every decision you make appear to be calculated!
Drew Stevenson said…
Entry 1:
No! Your R&D Projects can NOT vote to increase your Budget.
Uh Dave?... Why is Project H.A.L. Looking at me like that?...

Entry 2:
Lego Board Meeting on the Mindstorms NXT robotics set ends in a draw after R&D is only able to attach 3 Servos to the NXT controler instead of 4.
All those in favor of developing a LEGO gender sensor, raise your hands.

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