NXT Truck - no plans?

Reader Anibal P. emailed me, asking about details on the truck on the back of the NXT box. I am surprised to say that I never even noticed it! We already got plans and programs for the Cuckoo clock and the Sound Machine - both of these were displayed on the box... so maybe this one will be released soon. Anyone have any information on the truck?


Anonymous said…
I think I posted a comment a while back about this - in any case that's all I know about the truck. But it's nice we can see what the future website will be like (I'm getting bored of that same old video :-)

Anonymous said…
Just somthing I saw.
The link with the Truck on it in the web page above the big picture of the car has the word "Galleries" on it.
the one Nxt to it has a picture of somting that looks like the brick and motor base for "Spike" on it has the word "Building instructions" on it.

From what I could tell on my box, it is in some way connected to the Official mindstorms forums.
the reason I think this is because to the side of it. It has the word Nxt forums or somthing like that.

Or was this too obvious?
Tony Naggs said…
Also ... in the right hand picture next to the truck there is something that looks like a NXT Bluetooth remote-control. Maybe?

- Tony
Anonymous said…
That looks like to me the motor and brick that are the simple stages of a Spike being built.
If you look at it further, above it says "Instructions"
cmsnxt said…
I also read the box and it said that there will be some way to desigin your robot on your computer . This would be awsome
Anonymous said…
I think these are the plans


Luke K.

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