A quick question for European buyers of NXT kits

The Lego NXT kits are advertised in Europe as being supplied with Duracell batteries, including on the Lego Shop at Home site. http://shop.lego.com/product.asp?p=B8527&cn=55&d=11&t=5

How were the batteries supplied?

The rechargeable batteries I ordered turned up a while ago, but the batteries I was expecting with the NXT kit have not shown up.

Just trying to see if anybody else is affected ...

- Thanks, Tony


Anonymous said…
I received my NXT kit with batteries. Whilst I am in Australia it was shipped from the UK. The single 6 pack of batteries was just loose in the shipping box. Separate from the NXT box.
Anonymous said…
The same as scott, the batteries were separate from the NXT kit. I am from Portugal. :)
Tony Naggs said…
Thank-you for the feedback. I will stop expecting a separate delivery, and contact Lego.

It is a small detail really, especially as I have the rechargeable batteries now. (From a Lego education distributor.)

The rechargeable batteries are on
I bought my rechargeable batteries from a Lego education distributor. So far Lego Shop at Home only lists them for the US and Canada:

NXT rechargeable battery
Lego transformer
NXT rechargeable battery and transformer

Hopefully they will be available from Lego Shop at Home in other countries soon too. :-)

Ttfn, Tony
One thing I thought I would mention again...

The Train Themed transformer (AC Adapter) is exactly the same as the NXT transformer? Yep, I have compared them both. So, if you have one already you don't need to buy another one! Save and buy another rechargable battery pack!

Transformer part numbers -
LEGO Shop@Home - (NXT) 9833
LEGO Education - (NXT) 979833

Older LEGO Train & Technic Control Center Transformer -
AC Adapter, 120V - 10V Transformer
#9833-2 (-1 for European 230v version)

And, if anyone needs some I have a few extra.

Unknown said…
I received my kit withot batteries (Spain) :-(
Tony Naggs said…
Hi Koldo

Maybe some of the packers did not know about the batteries when the NXT kits were sent to the MDP applicants?

Lego shop at home were helpful when I phoned.

PS I cannot read Spanish, but your Blog about NXT and other robots looks great. :-)

- Tony
Anonymous said…
Here a message from a dutch Lego Mindstorms/NXT Fan.

I received my 3 NXT sets today with 3 sets of batteries. All OK!

I initially connected the NXT through USB, just to make sure but then tested the Bluetooth system.

Updated Firmware to 1.03 (via USB)and afterwards checked out my bluetooth system and all absolutely OK! I use a Bluetooth 2.0 dongle from TRUST and it works like a rocket. No Problem here!!!!!!!!!!! Lego has certainly done the job!!!!!!!Thank you Lego!!

It seems thst the new Firmware and Software updates are doing perfectly well and I am ALL CLEAR to GO!

Many Regards,

Anonymous said…
I ordered my kit online at Lego Shop and received it last Tuesday. It had the 6 free Duracell batteries included as mentioned on the site when I placed the order.

The batteries were packed separately from the NXT kit. The expiration date is March 2013, so they're fresh :)

Anyway, gotta go, my NXT calls me ;)

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