September 11, 2001

We will not forget.


Anonymous said…
Totally true...
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Great post guys - so true. There's also a really good video called "Path to 911" (showing on ABC), which, in my opinion, every american should see - it shows the truth about the collapse of the towers, not what the media wants people to hear.

Anonymous said…
also, Discovery Channel has some films that have shown every now and then.
It shows the what happens in the plane that hit the ground in Pennsylvania, one shows what happened in the Twin towers, and one shows the aftermath.

Just wondering, I know people from like Europe post and read these blogs, and I was just wondering, did the 911 affect you at all. (Sorry for asking, dont have the time to watch the news much.)
Tony Naggs said…
Hi Msim

What a question.

The plane hijackings happened early afternoon for us. So even though local broadcasters took your live tv pictures many of us were at work.

I visited home to get some paperwork for my bank, and sat stunned in front of the tv for half an hour.

Everybody was talking about it when I returned to the office - I do not think any work was done. The evening tv showed the same distressing footage over and over.

I had actually visited the WTC twice in March 1992. To an evening event at the Windows on the World restaurant on the 106th floor 1 WTC, and to the indoor observation floor 107 of 2 WTC a few days later.

It is quite shocking to see a disaster you cannot stop being visited on place you know, and possibly people you have met.

- Tony

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