Some changes on the RIF site...

For those of you following the RIF website, there's been some changes... take a look.

The trapdoor also opened and when you click on it, it takes you to an agent roster page. My guess is that agents will have their information kept here since there are so many blank slots.


Drew Stevenson said…
The main page does not seem to have the same access Window, it did before.

Luckily I have my RIF Agent note book to find out the pass code for the window html page.

There are some interesting documents and artifacts left around - looks like teasers. If want some really juicy Data try to remember that your NXT's ability to see in the visual spectrum is based on differences of intensity and it can be over powered. Try changing your enviroment to succeed.

My zoom ability was able to detect but not read the documents in the office. Is anyone up to the task of transcribing them?

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