Configure your system to develop with icommand, LEJOS

I received an email from Juan Antonio Breña Moral:

I have written a PDF to explain with comments and photos how to configure your system to develop with icommand, LEJOS.

I have created a new section of my site to show my advances in Lejos.

I would like to share this documents, because i have seen a lot of messages in differents forums about the configuration of Icommand, lejos.

Thank you, Juan Antonio.


UPDATE: Juan Antonio has updated the file... new version is here:


Tony Naggs said…
By the way, iCommand 0.5 only appeared at very late on Monday night (30th October).

From the description: "New features include webcam robotics, compass support, synchronized motors, convenient sensor wrappers, and the ultrasonic sensor can now return multiple pings like radar."

- Tony

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