Cure for the Engineering Shortage: Mindstorms NXT

An editorial argues that schools can address the US engineering shortage by introducing engineering concepts to younger students (K-12). It lauds Mindstorms as a creative example of accomplishing this.

Read ithere.


Well written article... I received my Industrial Engineering degree (in addition to an English degree) and it has been a great benefit to my career...

Here's hoping things can turn around...

Rick Rhodes said…

A couple of nights ago on "Nova", they profiled a guy who makes Martian rovers and writes novels as well.
(You guys sound like kindred spirits).
Man... I wish Deka and National Instruments would allow the release of the NiWeek06 keynote video by Dean Kamen. It would really open eyes and show the path that needs to be taken for the future!

Folks....F.I.R.S.T. LEGO League is one really great way! Role Models...Science and Technology over Sports and Entertainment! Give the kids real Heros that they can base a realistic future career towards. Sure, the differences are the money. But, the truth is obtaining a realistic dream one can actually achieve.

I spent all of last weekend inspiring kids and adults via LEGO MindStorms (TexLUG show at our local library). It does help that I work at NASA. They could see the real possibilities. Several FLL teams asked me if I could mentor them when possible. I will.

Dean called for engineers to get involved. We just need the exposure. Interested media. Media interested?

If some ears don't open... Well, I don't like to dwell on what will happen.

Christopher (The Sleepy)
Peter Hoh said…
Somebody ought to make a movie about Dean Kamen.
Brian Davis said…
Mars rovers and write novels (science fiction?)... was it Geoffrey Landis?

Brian "escaped from rasfs" Davis
Peter Hoh said…
The fellow featured on Nova was Karl Iagnemma, MIT robotics guy and writer.

More here.

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