Friends' first NXT design

Recently, a couple friends of mine got a NXT, and they've really got going with it! The two of them, Josh and Josiah, built this awesome car. It's powered via two motorized wheels in the back, and steers the same way that real cars do. They even added the driver with his steering wheel! I especially like the way they installed the US sensor to look like headlights. They also used an ingenius way of doing rack-and-pinion-type steering without any gears:

A motor rotates the top white beam, which in turn steers the axles sticking out on the sides, to which wheels are attached.

View more pictures of it here

Anyway, this was a great first project, nice work guys!



ljp1125 said…
Wow! Great job! Great design and everything.
Very nice look and fit! The cake is the Technic Figure. Please, render it in CAD!

Anonymous said…
Fantastic model - and great to see how well it drives. During the development of the NXT box we discussed whether or not to add two extra wheels and tires in the box (we only use two in the bos models). The MUP guys begged for more wheels and tires and convinced us that a true robotics toolset must have four wheels. Your car is a great example of this. Please put your project on the NXTlog on

best regards
Søren Lund
Anonymous said…
Hi, we (my brother and me) are the friends that Jonathan was refereing to and we are also the creators.

Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you liked our NXT first creation.

Mr. Lund, we are glad that you like our LEGO creation. We have uploaded our creation on NXTlog like you said under our account NXT-Inventors.

Anonymous said…
Can i get the steps to make it please?? Thanks a lot
Anonymous said…
sweet car hope to see more

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