An Introduction...

Hi all,

My name is Rob Torok and I am pleased to have been invited to join the The NXT STEP as a contributor.

I'm certainly neither a LEGO nor a robotics guru, but I have been having fun with LEGO all my life. As a teacher, I have been using the RCX to teach robotics for some years now and am looking forward to seeing what my students are able to do with the NXT over the coming years...

As Jim pointed out a week or so ago, my MDP Profile was recently posted, so you can read a bit more about me and a couple of my robots there if you're interested.

Most recently I've been working on a couple of RobotC programs. I'll share these when I've had a chance to make them a bit more 'presentable'.



Anonymous said…

my name is KM and i'm a teacher in Singapore. i've just been assigned to teach robotics in school using the Lego Mindstorms RCX.
it's has been most frustrating because i'm not understanding anything about programming nor do i know a thing about robotics.
i've done Pilot1 and Pilot2 and that's as far as i know. Pilot3 and the Inventor1-4 are so difficult for me to understand.
are there any websites i can refer to for help? i need to teach, so the brief intro at Lego website is just not enough to arouse the students' interest. i need to know how to program the brick.

please help.

my email is should you wish to share your knowledge.

Did the RoboLab CD come with a "Using RoboLab" CD?

Anonymous said…
It sure does. But the "Using ROBOLAB" document is more a reference manual than a teaching guide.

A good source for educators teaching robotics will be Tufts University Engineering Educational Outreach site at:

btw, I'm also from Singapore so help is near.
Peter Hoh said…
I'd love to know if these two posters from Singapore connected. This blog could do a great service by connecting newbie robotics teachers with experienced teachers and/or robotics fans.

Have you had any luck?

Anonymous said…
luck? hmm... well, i still have the rcx in my hands and now... whambam!! i got nxt as well.
nxt looks good, feels good... but it's a whole new ball game.
help. KM
Unknown said…
vaHi all,

Any one can help me to find out where I can buy the Lego Mindstorms RCX? Last two week, I visited Singapore but don't have the said model.

I'm going to Singapore in early May (8-10 May 09) I hope I can find it there.

Mine e-mail :

Pls help...

Thanks so much
Unknown said…
Similar question. I am visiting Singapore in mid April. Is there a place where I can purchase Lego Minstorm NXT kit?

Anonymous said…
Hi all..
I am guru robotic, I hope that I can share with you about how to build robot base lego

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