LEGO Ed call for Robot Designs

Over at the LEGO Education blog, they've posted the news about the 4 NXT retail version bots (Spike, T-56, AlphaRex, and TriBot) building instructions being made available to the public... and they've also posted a request for designers to send in their own designs for possible inclusion.

From the post: "We’d love to add more models to the page, however. If you’ve got a model you think others would be interested in, we’d love to hear about it. Photos or drawings showing step-by-step building instructions make it even better, but feel free to share even if you don’t have those things. Send any models or links to, or leave a link in the comments."

If you've got some new building instructions that no one has yet seen, consider submitting them to the LEGO Ed blog for them to share...


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