LEGO Retail Directions On-line

Several folks with the educational version have asked for the instructions for Spike, Alpha Rex, etc., since these do not come in that set. Well, LEGO Education has posted them! Take a look over here:


Thanks to James Isom who worked (hard!) to format these, and to LEGO Education for releasing them!

Brian Davis


Anonymous said…
I have to admit I think it's some kind of a minus point for the NXT kit to have some instructions available only on-screen.

Not only do I just prefer printed instructions; but they stay comptaible longer (LEGOLAND designers keep all their models plans on paper for that very reason). I own the older "cybermaster" set and it doesn't have any printed instructions at all, while you're lucky if you manage to have the crappy software run on a recent windows version.

Well, at least the NXT has tribot on paper, but I sure wished they had at least included some kind of pdf version on the CD.

Well I guess it's a wish granted now. Great!!
Anonymous said…
The instructions can be found on pdf at
You should be able to print those.
Tony Naggs said…
It is great to have these available. :-)

I took a NXT kit on a long weekend holiday with some friends recently. (13 of us in a big 15th century house.)

On the first evening a couple of guys joined me in building the Tribot from the book. We tried the demo program, and then attached the other sensors.

However nobody much played with it after that. To have printed instructions for another model would have been great inspiration.

There were several problems with using my laptop: it had the educational software installed, (so no instructions for the other models); leaving it unattended is a bit uncomfortable with various private files on it; the stone floor is quite a scary thing for a laptop.

Acrobat pdf files would have been okay too, as there were quite a few of us with PDAs or phones that could show them.

- Tony N
Unknown said…
Some reader asked me if there are sets of ready-made NXT-G programs available somewhere on the web, just for tutorial reasons?
Brian Davis said…
Not that I know of; which is why I started documenting NXT-G code and throwing it into my Brickshelf folder. Part of the provlem is for tutorial purposes, the programming walk-through in the Robo center is very good, while for more complicated things, you have to have a problem to solve... and I don't think we've nailed down all the problems that would be good for this, as well as a "common" platform to solve them with.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
Does anybody have the instructions on how to build Spike? If you do could you please e-mail them to me at thank you for your help

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