NXT: Available for the Holidays?

According to last week's Wall Street Journal, toys on Toy Wish Magazine's "Hot Dozen" list are often in scarce supply at Christmastime. (The NXT is on that "hot dozen" list).

Nevertheless, I'd be very surprised if the US faces a holiday shortage of NXTs, for three reasons:

1) Lego specialty stores in the US have been promised an adequate supply of NXTs, according to the Lego Store manager in my town.

2) A large number of "big-box" stores sell NXTs (Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart), not to mention a slew of online retailers.

3) Stiff competition from the Nintendo Wii may increase the availability of NXTs. (The Wii will be in NXT's price range).

Still, NXT spot shortages DID occur in August of this year. (Some Amazon.com customers had to wait several weeks for their NXTs in August).

Is the NXT available where you shop in the US? How about Europe and elsewhere?


Jake Good said…
The Mall of America still has 3 kits left... I bought on this last weekend.

Plus with their "Loyalty Card" holder thingy... you get double points. So essentially, if you buy an NXT, you get a $30 Lego Gift card for free!

The Targets up here in Minneapolis all have 3 or 4 on the shelf...
Anonymous said…
There is a lot of shops in Bergen, Norway that has them. I just need the money
Anonymous said…
In the Netherlands we also have Toys 'R Us, but they don't have the NXT yet. I got mine from the Intertoys two weeks ago. However, this is the only shop in which I found the set. The others will probably get them by the end of October.
Tony Naggs said…
China TV news has picked up on the NXT and the Christmas toys market:

(At least their web news pages have.)

Anonymous said…
In Frankfurt/Main, Germany, I bought my NXT at Toys 'R Us. They seems to have some of them. Also there ist LEGO direct Shopping, located in Great Britain, but delivering from Germay and selling by Euro. They are very fast and the procedure of buying is superior.

-- Thomas
Anonymous said…
Spotted one set on the shelf (along with two other large LEGO sets) at COMPUSA--which also sells them online.

eBay contunues to be a good source.

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