NXT: Convergence of Design and Machine

In the "old days", computers and software could only simulate real-world designs. But today, computers and software can "target control algorithms directly to custom board designs", to quote Tom Shelley in Eureka Magazine.

In other words, computers can now put their designs DIRECTLY INTO the real-world product. According to Shelley, the NXT (with its LabView software) illustrates the melding of computer design with the machine itself. Read Shelley's articlehere.


I'm waiting to see an NXT robot rolling around in a computer generated movie or commercial...

Anonymous said…
Hey, I'm trying to get in touch with Rick Rhodes in case he's the one I used to work with. Rick - is that you?

- Christian

christian period convey at-symbol gmail com
Rick Rhodes said…
Hi Christian,

Unless I have a very bad memory (which is always possible), I don't think I'm the guy you're looking for. (I do love the name, though).
Will George said…
How do I post in here??
I have been working on a program and I'd like to post it. (Based on Brams) code ) and I have some flicker poblems on drawing my Compass..

My code is based on several sort of rippped off code I saw on the NET someplace..

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