NXT Edu Pilot program

Some recent feedback on the Carnegie Mellon Curriculum


Anonymous said…
I'm a happy user of NXT. But I'm quite green to programming and robotics in general, having barely finished the programming examples that come with the NXT system.

I'd like to try the Carnegie Melon software but I'd like someone to tell me how easy it is to get the NXT CPU back to "kosher" in case I'm not happy. I'd like to try C, but if I get overwhelmed, I want to go back to the software NXT came with.

Does that make sense?

Thanks for any help and advice. Just don't want to break my expensive toy.
David Levy said…
Carnegie Melon is offering curriculum not software. The software used would still be NXT-G.

As far as using other languages: I've only done that with the RCX brick. I never experienced problems "getting back" to RIS software.

Would someone else like to comment?

Anonymous said…
I switch the NXT's firmware back and forth between Robolab 2.9 and NXT-G without any problems. I really need another NXT or two, so I can leave one in Robolab and the others in NXT-G. Wish,wish.

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