NXT-G coding tips on-line

There's a nice PDF file up now on how to get the most, memory-wise, out of NXT-G. Take a look at it:

Writing Efficient NXT-G Programs

There's a lot of interesting tidbits here in just a handfull of pages, including how NXT-G shares some pieces of code... and how you can take advantage of that. The last point is perhaps the most interesting to me: "miniblocks", performance-oriented blocks that can be "added on". I like where this is heading...

Brian Davis


Any idea who wrote it? The Mini-blocks sound great!

I thought this was blogged before. I should've checked. I've had this for a week or more. At the bottom it says National Instrumaents & LEGO but the exact author...I don't know. I hate to speculate..but maybe John F. ??

The minis do sound great. The trimmed-down block to make a solid function without optional settings cuts some of the fluff size and saves some space.
Brian Davis said…
The main person at NI who is responsible for this is James Loftus; and yes, the minis do sound great, for a lot of things - smaller code, and possibly faster code in some cases. I'm looking forward to them (that's an understatement).

Brian Davis

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