NXT Palm control software

I received an email from Razix:

I wanted to inform you of a new software I have written for palm that allows you to remotely control NXT from a bluetooth enabled palm.


I have only tested it on Treo 650, maybe you can test and blog your thoughts on it. The reason I developed it was because there was no remote control software to control NXT from palm - only for Java cellphones andPocketPC as you have blogged at:http://thenxtstep.blogspot.com/2006/07/bt-and-pda-control-and-pcs.html

at least 2 user comments indicated they wanted a palm version.. so here it is!

Thank you, Razix! If you find this useful or have any feedback, please email and thank Razix for the software.



Thank You for the work. I'll give it a spin with my SONY TH55/E PalmOS 5.2.1 and post the outcome.

There was one Palm BT app that I tried when it appeared on Palmgear.com early in August. It was really little more than just a proof of concept application and had very little functionallity.

Christopher Smith
It works Great. Very good usage even if it is a first shot. I can't wait for more functions. I'll try to email Razix with some suggestions.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for testing it out chris, Im glad it works on the Sony TH55. My next version will hopefully have real time sensor readings. I took a look at your profile, I love the nxt mono-wheel. Are the wheels from the Hailfire droid kit? If so I am going to ebay one of those right now!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for putting this together

I tried this out on Palm Tungsten/T5. While attempting to establish a connection, I wait, It asks for the password, I enter it, press ok. Another screen flashes very rapidly, which I can't read and NXT Director quits.

Is there something I'm not doing right?

Thanks again. -Ben
Anonymous said…
It will only exit the application if it can not find or connect to the NXT device. I could make it more user friendly and put an alert there saying "unable to connect to nxt" and then quit. So it sounds like it is having trouble making a BT connection. It works on Treo's and Sony TH55 so it should work, let me know if you get it running.
Razik, The 4481 Hailfire Driod kit has the wheels. Though, they are climbing in price. I hear the Tuesday Mornings has some for a good price.

I would like to see some additional motor control options. 2-motor opposite turning. But, I will email you soon. I plan to take another look at the NXT Director this weekend.

Anonymous said…
Update: Telemetry of Sound, Light and Touch Sensors have been added. More to come as I have some more free time. This addition ate up my whole weekend!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this tool.
I tested it on my palm T5 and it works fine.

Thanks again and continue to develop it (it is the only one tool i saw for palm PDA) :-).
Anonymous said…
hey razix you could make two other buttons to control the 3rd motor like an arm : )
Anonymous said…
hey Razix iv been looking for somthing like this for a while and finaly foud you but it wont work on my palm tungsten E2 i got it on there and when i select it it says "Fatal Exception" and i have to reset it whats up is this new or what? can i fix it?
Anonymous said…
I am getting the same fatal exception on a T5.

I am looking forward to a updat that address this issue.

Paul Spencer
Anonymous said…
i tested it on a tugsten t and it works ok but every now and then it quits
Unknown said…
It dose not work on the TX the app just closes its self when trying to connect
Unknown said…
hi im a new nxt bluetooth user and i was trying the razex nxt program on my palm life drive but all it would do is connect and then go back to main screen can some1 help me? <- run on sentance i know
Unknown said…
i was able to connect to the nxt a couple of times but about 3 hrs later it just started to restart my palm life drive when ever i tried opening the program. can you help me?

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