NXT Program and Memory Efficiency


The Lego Education Blog recently released a PDF file with lots of useful information on how to program more efficiently to save memory (take it from an FLL comptetitor, memory can become a problem). View it here.

On the sixth page, there's a section about mini blocks - special versions of move, motor, sound, and display blocks - that will be released from the FLL Website during Fall. These mini blocks will cut down on memory usage while retaining some of the functionality of regular blocks. From the statements about it, I think they'll be really useful in comptetitions for maximizing memory capacity.



Anonymous said…
I'm sorry, but Brian already posted this pdf on Monday, October 09, 2006 ;)
Andy said…
I know that but I could not get the link to the PDF working, it just came up a error message with me (on the Lego Education site also).
Thanks Jonathan for posting a working link!
And good luck with constributing on this blog!!

Oh woops, didn't see that.

Thanks andy, that's good the link works. :)

Anonymous said…
As for the miniblocks - I wonder what will be the limitaions in FLL on using NXT-G extensions in general. These mini blocks will require the NXT-G patch soon-to-be-released. However, the same patch would allow many more custom NXT-G blocks, written in LabView, which can give an advantage to groups using them. However, LabView is expensive and not every FLL group can afford buying, learning and making custum blocks (it requires an adult progammers skills too..). I've tried but didn't get an answer from FLL on their regulations in this matter. I thought the logical thing is banning any non-standard NXT-G blocks, but now I see FLL themselves are releasing small memory versions of some basic blocks.
Anonymous said…
Where are the mini-blocks that were promised by FLL? Have they been released yet? It is fall now, after all. I've looked around on the FLL site but cannot find any mention of them.
Anonymous said…
Responding to Guy Ziv, the mini-blocks really should be acceptable to FLL since they specifically advised teams to use them when available in this document.

- Cheers

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