NXT remote controller for PDAs & PCs

Find this in the FLL forum. It's called OnBrick.


David Levy said…
Woops. I see that nxtasy.org had mentioned onBrick on 10/20.
No apology, David... I had posted about it even earlier than that... it's been around for a bit. The author did a great job.

David Levy said…
I did a page search on "OnBrick" through much of the NXT Step archives. Maybe I stopped at August.

Is there a better search facility?

No, Blogger seems to be limited. I found it using the admin tool and doing a search there... it doesn't have a limit.

David Levy said…
Ok this works:
in google search field type the keyword followed by a site filter

onbrick site:http://thenxtstep.blogspot.com/
Cool - learn something new about Google every day.

Tony....ummm PALM OS! I know you emailed me a while ago about Java... PowerPC has all too much of the modern fun.

There is one (below) that has very few functions.

Anonymous said…
I have used onbrick last event (Legoworld 2006)

I would say it is still in the early stage of development..

There were blank errors.. things that didn't work as it should be.. And the connection with the NXT wasn't easy.. You have to know what comm port your BT port is..

For my HP RX3715 it is com6. After a while playing with it and some crashes i put the PDA away again.. But it works.. I hope there will be more programms in a short while..
And also hope Onbrick will be futher developed..

But for now it's the only programm So i'm satisfyed..
I spent some time playing with it today... mine is COM6 - don't ask me how I found that, but I saw it somewhere in the BT installation.

Now, my next problem is that for some reason when I type in the access code (1234) it times out or doesn't connect. It sees my brick (JIM) and I hear the 3 little beeps, but no luck with getting the code accepted. When I clicked the SKIP button to skip that step, I also wasn't able to do anything. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said…
What i did is first going to bluetooth manager on my PDA. Here i searched for BT devices.

Once it saw my NXT i made a profile. In this profile i selected DEV B as comunication thing. Here it askes for the code 1234. I agreed and got the same password on my PDA to tick inn..

After i had the profile i could right click and say connect.

That went succesfully. After that i started Onbrick and selected com6. After a little bit of trying out my NXT begun to spin around as a pushed the button for spin..
Anonymous said…
where can i download .net framework that would work with this?
Tony Naggs said…
Christopher -

I am working on my plans. ;-)

More than that, I have spent my hard earned cash on a Palm TX, and a book on "Professional Palm OS Programming".


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