The NXT STEP goes German (also)

Now that the NXT is available in Germany also, it's time for The NXT STEP to be available in a German version too, isn't it?
This squares with the breaking of the 500 posts border and seems to me the next logical step on our way to world domination. ;-)

Hence, a German sister site has come into being, called Die NXTe Ebene (which means more or less the same as The NXT STEP).

For a start, it will provide translations of the posts to-be in The NXT STEP (or of abstracts of the longer posts (as long as Brian is out of all reason not willing to learn German)).

With the site, we hope to achieve in particular young German NXT aficionados that might not feel completely at ease with the english language yet.

Bis dann,
Matthias Paul (editor of Die NXTe Ebene)


Brian Davis said…
Heck, I should write abstracts of my *own* posts, for posting - the abstract would likely be just as good, but far easier (& quicker!) to read.

Brian "aber was ist Deutch?" Davis

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