NXTLOG submissions

When the NXTLOG feature begins, you will have the opportunity to share your creations with the rest of the world. You'll have the ability to add pictures, building steps, notes, and video and visitors will be able to comment on your designs.

I plan on uploading details of many of my designs, such as the one you see here.

You'll hopefully see all the different sensors in action, along with some custom sensors and third-party sensors (such as the HiTechnic Compass sensor). I'm looking forward to a LOT of ideas from participants on NXTLOG.

You've probably got questions about what you're seeing here... I hate to do this, but you're going to have to wait just a little longer to get more details. I promise to put EVERY DETAIL of this design on NXTLOG and that means you'll have access to it, too. (I got the idea for providing this teaser from the Jeep design over at nxtasy.org.)

And, if you've figured out what it is, your next question is probably "Does it work?"

Well, here's your answer. (Apologies for the blurry image - I moved.)


Anonymous said…
Looking really neat! Can't wait for NXTLog to come out!

Tony Buser said…
Woah what a coincidence, I just ordered one of those wireless cams for my bot. :)
Brian Davis said…
Very nice Jim! I mounted a similar (identical?) camera on JennToo and for once could track the cat into distant rooms... I just stood in front of the TV with the remote control, and "watched TV" while driving it - it was *much* more fun than I had thought it would be! No video as yet, but I have some of the same camera mounted on a train at YouTube:


Brian Davis
Unknown said…

Prodigious work!
Have to attain on of these wireless cams...

Matthias Paul
Anonymous said…
www.computergeeks.com has it for $30 + $8 shipping. Not a bad price. Tony's link to Ebay shows them for $10 but look at the shipping costs! People are getting greedy on eBay.
Anonymous said…
Is that from HiTechnic, Mindsensors, or Ver(something)?
That's from KellyEngineeringGroup... makers of the Bacon Sensor.
Tony Buser said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tony posted a comment:

Wish I would have researched it more, looks like the one I got doesn't have audio. Yeah it's funny the ones on ebay price is next to nothing, but then they charge $20 for regular shipping. :) It all comes out to about the same.

Bacon Sensor! I want one. Can it detect chunky bacon?
Tony Buser said…
Lest someone thinks I'm crazy (the jury is still out), chunky bacon is an inside joke amongst ruby programmers, which you can't tell without the link from my moderated comment above. :) I thought the link went to a clean website.
Anonymous said…
Hah hah
Jim, you're a scream.

But seriously, I want to know where to look in the near future and it was a smell sensor, not a bacon sensor:-)
Sorry, Maniac000... couldn't resist.

Not kidding... it's a homebrew. Superglue, drill, and some snippers... more details on NXTLOG coming!


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