Open LEGO Mindstorms position...

I got an email from Soren with the following link... good luck to any of you who apply.


David Levy said…
"There is something Robotic in Denmark"?
Anonymous said…
Wow, marketing manager, count me in! =D


Anonymous said…
In any case,
"We have high ambitions for the future of LEGO MINDSTORMS" is always good to read isn't it?
Unknown said…
> "a bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes."

At least we will be in some sort of moral conflict when the revolution comes, will we not?
Marketing guys against the wall ... hm ... but the ones from LEGO MINDSTORMS?

Matthias Paul (Maximo Lider)

P.S. By theway, my colleague says it's nice to live in Denmark.
After all, he's Danish.
David Levy said…
OK. Lets see what my score is on this thread.

1) Bad Hamlet pun: 0 points

2) Feeble attempt at an obscure marketing reference in the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
-1 point.

My wife always told me that my sense of humor would get me into trouble.

I actually think that any job at Lego would be a dream job.

My apologies for detracting from the original post.

Unknown said…

12 points from Germany (douze points d'Allemagne).

(a European inside joke)

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