Post #500

This is Post #500. Unbelievable.

Thanks to ALL of our readers for their attention, assistance, questions, comments, critiques, and overall participation.


Anonymous said…
I dont think its unbelievable... this is the best blog on NXT :)
jeff said…
i did nt find any better blog than this on NXT!!! :D
Thanks for the praise... we appreciate it.

Anonymous said…
And we appreciate your work, that's what makes this the best blog on NXT :)

Keep up the good work :D
Anonymous said…
And thanks for not posting polls like 'Which do you like better - nxtstep or nxtasy'? There have been 2 of tehm at nxtasy and it is annoying.

Keep up the good work nxtstep.
Nope... no polls planned (well, Matthias might want to know how many of our readers speak and read German)...

As for the NXT STEP versus NXTasy thing... it's a no brainer - when it comes to pure NXT coverage, the best NXT blog out there is a tie between and



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