Reader Question Submission #3

Kurt emailed: "We haven't spent a lot of time working with light sensor calibration yet. Once you calibrate the light sensor, how long does it stay calibrated? For the duration of the program, until the NXT is turned off, until you recalibrate it? To put it another way, if we use multiple programs to accomplish the missions in an FLL competition, can we just calibrate the light sensor before we begin the first program, or do we have to calibrate it at the beginning of each program?"

Great question... anyone have a definitive answer?


Anonymous said…
No--but I'll throw something out.

I think the robor's light sensor stays calibatred until you re-calibrate it. (Turning it on or off does not effect the calibration.)

So then the question becomes, when do I need to recalibrate the light sensor?

I think the answer is whenever the light conditions change.

For instance, if I calibrate the light sensor in the early morning when not much light is hitting the track that comes with the NXT, the max light value will be a lot different than if I were to calibrate the sensor in the afternoon when there will be more light hitting the track and therefore the max light value will be higher.

If you operate under unchanging light conditions, I don't think you would have to recalibrate the light sensor.
Anonymous said…
The Calibration file is stored on the NXT it stays there even after you turn it off you can even delete in the file managing part when you connect it to the computer.

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